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  1. Alessandro FANTINI Principal Solo Clarinet - Orchestra of Gran Teatro La Fenice di Venezia 21-05-09

    Clarinet Experts
  1. Ramon Wodkowski Clarinet mouthpiece craftsman 17-06-09

  1. Randy Hunter Jazz Jazz saxophone etude and duet books, combo arrangements, play-along CD's, and free jazz lessons by Atlanta saxophone player, Randy Hunter. 22-05-09

    Instrument Shops
  1. Repairs and restorations to acoustic stringed instruments. See our Gallery Page for an insight on the repair process. Restored instruments for sale

  2. JR's Guitars guitars and everything that goes with them. 30-05-09

    Music Shops
  1. Music Shop Providing music products and services since 1969.

  2. Atelierviolins in Bushey

  1. Guitar lessons by Gilbert Biberian View online or download video guitar lessons by Gilbert Biberian, the renowned teacher, composer and performer. 17-05-09

  2. Guitar Tabs, Guitar Chords and Lyrics - Chordie Learn from the convenience of your own home.

  3. MLR-Guitar Free Lessons - Learn popular songs with free and detailed videos lessons from Sting, Eric Clapton, The Beatles & more... 27-05-09

  1. Conductor, musicologist and piano teacher Best known for his highly acclaimed book The Courtly Consort Suite in German-Speaking Europe, 1650-1706 following his research into the 17th century German suite.

  2. MuseFX is a portal to new, innovative and wonderfully unpopular music and to museFX Records, a vendor of fine music. 31-05-09

  3. Music Education Online Ranked Number One for "Online Music Education

  4. Mozart Music Scores Classical Sheet Music for Instant Download.

  5. Piano Music Scales Features professional piano playing lessons along with a well-designed, and downloadable piano music scale book of major, minor, and blues scales. 27-10-09

  6. Music Biographies 29-10-09

  7. Kallie Swanepoel Piano Tuners All about piano services: tuning, regulation, repairs, restoration, valuation, moving, sales, rentals, and advice | News and events | Special offers and promotions | from Kallie Swanepoel Piano Tuners | Pretoria Gauteng South Africa | also in Afrikaans 01-11-09

  8. Mr Music The musician, pianist David Fritz's home page for Mr Music. 02-11-09

  9. Classycool Music We are a small enterprise dedicated to helping songwriters, singers, musicians and composers climb the greasy pole that is the music business. We have a training academy for singers and musicians and publish the one-2-five theory e-tutor. 07-11-09

  10. Recording Studio BKP Music is one of leading Dubai Based Music, Audio & Video Production Company with over 9 state of the art Sound Studios established across the Middle East. 11-11-09

  11. Download free movies Watch and download thousands of your favorite full free movies online at 13-11-09

  12. Frank Free jazz mp3s, articles on jazz history and music theory, original sheet music, CDs, more 16-11-09

  13. Jazz Saxophone for Beginners Online saxophone lessons for beginners. Learn how to play the saxophone with a jazz approach. Free introductory sax lessons.

  14. Jazz Books Jazz books, jazz education material, jazz lessons, beginning saxophone lessons, jazz CDs, DVDs, jazz gifts, jazz merchandise, jazz reviews, and music websites are all found at Jazzbeat. Exhibit your jazz products for free.

  15. Pedro de Alcantara Books, essays, seminars, and lessons on the Alexander Technique for musicians

  16. Dr Ricks Village Flute and Sax Shop

  17. Piano Lessons Free piano lesson videos, find piano teachers, expert advice from seasoned piano professionals

  18. Clarinet Institute A Resource for Clarinettists in Los Angeles and World Wide