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    Hello, My name is Cvetan, I am feom. Bulgaria and I recently I bought Robert Malerne full boehm clarinet feom you. So I would like to thank you for your professionalism the great instrument! I am very happy with! This is the greatest clarinet that I have ever played. I have already had many other clarinets (Selmer and Buffet) but this one have everything that a professional musician could desire. Thank you one time for everything! Regards, Cvetan

    {Sent via email on 11/04/2019. The customer bought a Malerne Full Boehm Bb clarinet. }

    Dear Alex,
    "I am happy to state that it is probably the best example that we have ever sold."
    I believe you. They can't come much better. Again, lots of thanks!

    {Sent via email on 08/08/2017. The customer bought a Leblanc EEb Contra-Alto clarinet, the sentence in qoutation marks was from a description email we sent. Underneath is the customers response. }

    Dear Alex,
    Just to say what a pleasure it was doing business with you last Friday. Choosing Maddie’s new instrument truly was a collaborative effort and you did a brilliant job of putting a fifteen year old girl at her ease: guiding her through the process of auditioning clarinets with all the finesse of a great teacher and musician. I doubt that there is anywhere else in the UK, maybe even the world, where one could benefit from such a high level of expertise, choice and genuine care when buying a clarinet. As a result, we are completely confident that an excellent choice was made, with none of those nagging doubts that occur when one buys something blind or without giving due consideration to the options. I was prepared to spend more if necessary, but it wasn’t and you didn’t encourage me to and for that I also take my hat off to you. Needless to say, Maddie is thrilled with her beautiful Leblanc Esprit and has been cooing over it all weekend.

    {Sent via email on 15/08/2016. The customer bought a Leblanc Esprit Bb clarinet. }

    Dear Alex,
    the mouthpiece arrived this morning. Thank you so much for all the help, patience and honesty. Kind regards Luca

    {Sent via email on 28/04/2016. The Italian customer bought a Buffet Crystal mouthpiece. }

    Dear Alex,
    Thanks very much once again for a really lovely instrument, and for such excellent customer service! Best wishes Nick

    {Sent via email on 07/01/2016. The customer bought a Howarth S1 Cocobolo clarinet.}

    Dear Alex Thank you very much for the ease of service and fantastic Eb Selmer I have just decided to buy. The clarinet is in superb condition and despite the fact I am in a fledgling relationship with an instrument that historically has an attitude problem I think we are making an OK kind of noise as the neighbours are yet to complain (I take this as a good sign). Once again thank you S
    {Sent via email on 12/02/2015. The customer bought a Selmer Eb clarinet.}

    Dear Alex, Just to let you know that Alec's clarinet teacher loved the clarinet. He uses a Buffet RC himself so holds them in very high regard. He thought Alec's was at least as good as his. We are very pleased and know we made the right choice. Patricia
    {Sent via email on 28/01/2015. The customer bought a Buffet RC Bb clarinet.}

    Dear Alex, Happy Christmas! Just wanted to let you know that L D {the teacher} was delighted with the clarinet in A that we bought from you so thank you for all your wonderful advice and assistance. Natasha
    {Sent via email on 12/12/2014. The customer bought a Buffet R13 A clarinet.}

    Dear Alex,
    Thank you once again for all your professionalism and help and for bringing me great musical pleasure with the LL bass. It is always a pleasure to deal with you. With kind regards Robin
    {Sent via email on 21/10/2014. The customer bought a Leblanc LL Bass clarinet.}

    Dear Alex, The bass clarinet arrived Tuesday lunchtime as promised and I am delighted with it. I have had it checked out by my teacher and I will definitely be keeping it. Thank you very much. Margaret
    {Sent via email on 02/10/2014. The customer bought a Selmer Bundy Bass clarinet.}

    Alex, Absolutely delighted with the D clarinet. Very impressed. Many thanks, Robert
    {Sent via email on 29/8/2014. The customer bought a Buffet Prestige D clarinet dating to the 1990's.}

    Dear Alex, I am very pleased with the "Buffet Crampon E13" clarinet that I received last week from clarinets direct. It has been wonderful to play and I have already performed with it in a concert on Friday night. I am also very thankful for the help that you gave me in buying the right instrument as it was obviously a big decision! I look forward to playing it for years to come. Thanks again, Alby
    {Sent via email on 20/5/2014. The customer bought a special edition Buffet E13 dating to the 1990's.}

    Dear Alex, You may recall that we bought an R13 A clarinet from you our daughter, followed by a Buffet Festival Bb which had belonged to a professional player. I wanted to let you know that using the latter, she has just got 82% in her ABRSM Diploma, and she also has an offer from Jesus, Oxford to read music. You are providing a wonderful service! Best wishes, C
    {Sent via email on 19/2/2014. The customer bought a Buffet Festival Clarinet dating to the 1990's.}

    Hi Alex, > > I just thought I'd let you know that the Bass arrived this morning and it's superb - everything I hoped it would be! It even has a good mouthpiece which works well with the instrument. Your website provides all the information anyone might want about a clarinet and makes buying one a lot easier! > > Best wishes - and have a Happy Christmas! > > Kevin > (Sheffield)
    {Sent via email on 3/12/2013. The customer bought a Leblanc Bass Clarinet dating to the early 1970's.}

    Hey Alex, Just had a few hours of very enjoyable playing on the clarinet and I absolutely love it! Very impressed with the condition & getting an amazing sound out of it! Safe to say I will definitely be keeping it! Thank you very much! Abbie
    {Sent via email on 25/10/2013. The customer bought a Buffet E13 A Clarinet dating to the early 1980's.}

    Hi Alex, Just to say that Anika really loves her new clarinets. They have such a beautiful sound and are so nice to listen to. She past her grade 7 with distinction in summer and is now 1. clarinettist in her school sinfony orchestra. Thanks for your advice. You had such a big choice of instruments Regards Heidi
    {Sent via email on 17/09/2013. The customer bought a matched pair of Buffet Festivals.}

    Hi Alex,
    I have just finished my first session with the RC. Wow!!! The tone is just astonishing. I tried a few brand new RCs some years ago in Sydney and was, frankly, underwhelmed. They sounded thin and tinny. And they did not even come close to the quality of my 1973 R13s. But this RC sure does. In fact I think it is probably superior. Why would anyone want a new clarinet of lesser quality when there are instruments of this standard available second hand? David
    {Sent via email on 11/06/2013. The customer bought a rare RC, without serial number. Chosen at the Buffet factory.}

    The clarinet you sold us is absolutely lovely - and even the tricky clarinet teacher is seduced by it! Caroline
    {Sent via email on 07/06/2013}

    The La Fleur Eb arrived at about 2pm today. I played it for 2hours without a single squeak. The tone and the evenness is fantastic. I got up to altissimo A without a problem and in tune too! Not to mention that the other side fingerings make it so much easier. It is so beautifully presented and overhauled and I am absolutely delighted. I have tiny hands but I truly think I have found an instrument that perfectly suits me. Thank you soooooooooo much! Kindest regards, Paula
    {Sent via email on 10/11/2012}

      Just to say that the more I plays clarinet the more responsive & beautiful I am finding it. Every practice lasts double time "juste pour le plaisir". So glad we met. Joe
      { Sent via text on 08/04/2012. The customer bought a vintage R13 Bb 1 month previously}

      It's been in my thoughts for a while to write you about the clarinet I bought. Simply said, it's an absolute joy - for eyes and ears! I almost can't believe it's from the early 1970s, it has no signs of wear at all! It's so free and light to play and it's tone resonance, in all octaves, is just beautiful and deep (I play it together with a B45 mouthpiece)! Sincerely, Ingvild
      {Sent via email on 12/04/2012. The customer bought a Buffet RC Bb some four months ago.}
      1. Morrie Backun, Dir. of  Backun Musical Enterprises.

      2. Mark O'Brien, Principal Bass Clarinet & Sax CBSO

      3. Frank van den Brink, Dutch Radio Symphony Orchestra

      4. Tony Coe, the UK's most celebrated Jazz Clarinettist

      5. Alan Hacker, International Clarinet Soloist and conductor.

      6. Frank Laidlaw, USA Jazz clarinettist.

      7. Tony Lamb, ex-Principal Clarinet ENO.

      8. Michael Marcus, New York Jazz clarinettist.

      9. Joseph Pacewicz, Principal Eb Clarinet SNO

      10. Jo Patton, Principal Eb Clarinet CBSO, 

      11. Ed Pillinger. Proprietor of Pillinger m'pieces.

      12. Martin Robertson. London free-lancer and Prof of Sax at the RCM.

      13. Ramon Wodkowski, .Free-lancer  & proprietor of Wodkowski m'pieces.



      The above represent a small selection of our professional customers, in many cases repeat clients.

      At Clarinets Direct our aim is to provide the advancing player with a quality or special alternative to the full price new professional instruments to be found at main dealers. We can offer exceptional value by being primarily a web based business but at the same time we do not expect customers to buy without testing instruments. We are therefore happy to welcome potential purchasers. Please 'phone or e-mail for an appointment! Clarinets Direct is based near Osterley Park, SW London. The closest tube is Osterley on the Piccadilly line [4 mins walk] which is approximately 1/2 an hr by underground train from Central London, and 15 mins from London Heathrow airport. If travelling by car we are just off the A4, Great West Road, which is easily reached via the M4 or M25. Parking is free, but there is restriction from 10.00-12.00 on weekdays.

      We use our buying expertise to find rare and valuable instruments which are prepared to showroom condition by our own repairman. Most instruments are sold after a complete overhaul or reconditioning and work is guaranteed for 12 months.

      We try to offer a specialised service for the discerning amateur or professional player and can also supply fine American mouthpieces by makers such as Ralph Morgan. A good mouthpiece is essential to enhance the performance of your chosen clarinet, a fact which is not always brought to your attention when you purchase from the high street.

      Alex Allen, owner, is a free-lance player and respected teacher at the Royal College of Music and Surrey University. He has many years experience of playing clarinet and has at one time or another used instruments made by every major mass producer. At Clarinets Direct we have decided to concentrate on Buffet Crampon: the acknowledged world market leader.

      Why buy from us? We supply vintage, quality, clarinets which will appreciate not depreciate in value, unlike the mass produced volume plastic market. Therefore our clarinets represent an investment as well as being beautiful sounding musical instruments.

      Please click on links above to view current stock.