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A very good condition pair of Yamaha 64 clarinets, which are a commission sale for C D. Their former owner was bought them new by his father, who worked for Yamaha, on the occasion of his gaining a Music Scholarship. It is received wisdom within the music industry that when Yamaha launch a new product, they will have made every conceivable effort to outdo their competitors, at a considerabily cheaper price to the customer. So it was in the late 1970's and early 1980's, when Yamaha made their first serious foray into top of the range professional clarinets. The wood was computer controlled, kiln dried, to assist in avoiding cracking, the silver plate, and key work, was of considerably better quality than Buffet. Many players found the ease with which these instruments responded completely won them over. Eddie Daniels, the world's foremost jazz player was such a convert: Perhaps surprisingly he preferred and endorsed the YCL64 range to the YCL84 which were Yamaha's most expensive Custom model. Though the 64 and 65 were sold as professional clarinets, unlike the modern 650, which is a Buffet E13 rival. The modern equivalent of the YCL64/65 is todays Yamaha CX Custom or above.
The instruments have no cracks or damage to the wood, which is finest aged, unstained, Grenadilla. The Bb S/N 002821, has just been entirely overhauled in our Clarinets Direct workshop, in Pisoni Premium Deluxe fish skin pads, and is sold with our 1 year warranty. The Silver plated key work is very good throughout, with no discernable wear, only light surface scratches. The instrument features an adjustable thumbrest. The A, S/N 04215, is also in very good condition. As it has had less use than the Bb, only a couple of pads needed replacing. The double bladder fish skin pads, whilst not new, are all sealing well. All touch and tenon corks are good. There is no joint wobble. There are 2 supplied m'pieces, a Custom 4C in ebonite & a Yamaha 4C both are in very good condition, as is the Yamaha hard shell case.