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A rare professional Selmer Paris Centered Tone enhanced Boehm A clarinet to low E, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The instrument features: Fork Eb/Bb, and articulated C#/G#. This clarinet is in very good condition for its age with no cracks or damage to the wood. The wood shows surface shows hardly any scuffs and marks, but there is a minor chip to the upper joint lower tenon outer rim, see photo 4. This has absolutely no effect on the response, as this part of the wood does not form the bore.     The fish skin pads are all sealing well, they have all been replaced within the last 6 months, and all touch & tenon corks are good. The instrument has been down to our workshop for a "check down" and minor regulation. The German Silver key work does show some cloudiness, which is cosmetic only, see photos 7 & 8. It is possible to buff this off and brighten the keys. We could offer this service, if desired, to the next owner. There are 2 original Selmer supplied barrels, one of 66.5mm and the other 64.5mm. The matching serial nos. are Q5178 which dates to 1955.  The case is the original, well used, but fully functional, and the m'piece a Selmer "E" in very good condition. This instrument tunes very well, it is an exceptionally fine example of a Centered Tone A. It last owner, a younger player, achieved full marks, 30/30, for his performance of the Mozart Concerto in his Grade 8 on this clarinet.