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These are a rare and interesting pair of F A Uebel handmade clarinets, which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. Though Boehm system clarinets, with a compensating G/D vent on both, there are some subtle design differences in these instruments as compared to those made by the mainstream French manufacturers, and these combine to contribute to a tone which has has a lovely warmth and focus, a quintessential German sound.
The Bb has serial number 811-74837. This gives a model number of 811 with 1974 as the year of manufacture. The Silver plated keywork shows no plating wear, it is in excellent order throughout, Note also the quality of a tiny "grub screw" set into every pillar to stop movement within the mechanism. The Bb also features Uebel's compensating, low G/D vent, which has the added advantage of improving intonation in the upper register. Along with the already mentioned compensating vent on the lower joint, there is also a wraparound register key. The Bb has no bell ring, and the wood throughout is in excellent order, with no cracks or repairs. The pads throughout are Pisoni tan leather, again in "as new" condition.
The A has serial number 811-74662, making a good match with the Bb. Both instruments were made in the DDR. All the plating is in pristine condition. There are no cracks or rpairs to the wood of the A, which is in very good order throughout. Both instruments have had a thorough "check down" in our workshop, with all work done as necessary. The case is old, and shows scuffs to the exterior and stains to the interior, it still latches securely. The handle has some black tape repair. The instruments tune and respond excellently with standard Vandoren m'pieces. Unlike the modern Uebel range which is marketed as of "above average" student quality, these instruments were made as professional handmade models. For the player unwilling to learn the Oehler system they do offer an easier alternative to achieving a more traditional "German" sound.