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Buffet Crampon is the undisputed finest volume maker of clarinets in the World today. This clarinet is one of their most expensive models, a Tosca. The Tosca is the latest incarnation of the legendary R13 model, and this instrument is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct.
The instrument is in excellent condition. The plating is pristine. The wood is without mark or blemish: NO damage or cracks whatsoever. The instrument features a corrective low F key and vent, & LH Ab/Eb key. The intonation and response are outstanding. The matching serial numbers are 553203, which dates to the late 2000's. The pads are tan leather throughout in excellent condition. There are 2 supplied barrels, one is the original Tosca Buffet of 66mm, and the other a shorter Buffet. The supplied mouthpiece is a used Selmer C85 120 in very good condition. In addition to the Buffet Tosca case, the instrument is also supplied with a new Buffet gig bag case cover, with carry straps and leather pouch.