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A Buffet Super Dynaction Alto Saxophone, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. Though primarily known for its clarinets, Buffet also made professional saxophones. Buffet Saxophones are probably amongst the most under-rated in the world. Certain models of Buffet Alto Saxophone were particularly highly-regarded for Classical playing. One was the S1 (particularly the copper body version), and the other was Super Dynaction. Daniel Deffayet, the well known French player played one, as did the American Jazz player, Art Pepper. At the time they were made, the Super Dynaction was more expensive than a Selmer Mark VI. Some players feel that the Super Dynaction tunes better than Selmer Mark VI. Alto Saxophones often suffer from a flat and dull middle C# and the a sharp high C#. Buffet devised a unique correction mechanism which works well to cure this: It opens a tone-hole to lift and brighten middle C#, making it better in tune. It also detects when the octave-key is engaged, & the correction tone hole remains closed, so the top C# is lowered. The advantage of this mechanism is that it is fully automatic. Another advantage is that the Buffet design does not suffer from a slightly sharp middle D, which can be a Selmer design issue. For these reasons, the tuning is outstandingly good.
The instrument has had only one careful British owner, who selected it from 3 at Carl Fischer's in New York in the 1960's, whilst on tour. It has been well-used, because it plays so well. It has been overhauled once in its life. It has never been re-lacquered, & the original lacquer shows wear. It has never been polished (which can damage the tone-hole rims). It is supplied with the original mouthpiece. The serial numbers are 8435, which dates to 1962. It works well with Vandoren AL3, and Selmer S80 C**. Vandoren AL3 is the most highly recommended for Classical playing. The new owner may well want to have a partial overhaul undertaken, the existing leather pads are old, but all sealing well. The original case shows much wear, but comes with the keys, the RH latch still functions but the catch is loose.