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An extremely rare and desirable William Stubbins Bb clarinet, made by Noblet, featuring the Stubbins " booster key" for throat Bb. As one would expect the intonation and response are greatly improved over a standard Boehm system, but without the player noticing any difference in fingering, i.e the Stubbins mechanism does all the work! Selmer, in the past with their Omega clarinet, and many major German makers have adopted similar designs.

This example is in fair condition: there are two chips to the upper joint tenons, please see photos 4 & 5. There are also surface marks and scratches to the wood. The key work shows some plating wear, mainly to the register key. The double bladder fish skin pads, while not new, are all sealing well. There is no joint wobble, and the clarinet plays extremely well, very even and with a fine tone. The supplied m'piece is a Buffet "C" in ebonite, of very good quality. The case, though elderly, latches & protects the instrument well.