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This is a unique clarinet, extensively customised by Alan Hacker. Originally the bell had a "Kohlert" stamp; in fact the instrument was made by Kohlert, and the "Simun" stencil is of a German musical instrument dealer. The instrument's range was originally down to low Eb. The clarinet has been shortened to low E, with the bell replaced with a " B&H Symphony 1010" example, which has a hole through the bell and lowest tenon for tuning the lowest pitches, see photos 11 & 12. The low "E" hole has itself been moved up the instrument, again for tuning purposes. The key work is German Silver in very good condition. All pads, which are predominately white leather, are also good. The clarinet features 7 rings, i.e. with a fork Eb/Bb. The instrument is wide bore, and the supplied mouthpiece, a 1010 BM 2 works very well. The response is free and even. The case is a modern "Rosetti" in excellent shape.