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An extremely fine pair of Selmer Series 10 clarinets, which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct.  The Selmer Series 10 was the first of the narrow bore, heavily undercut Selmer clarinets which owed much of their design ethos to the Buffet R13.

The Bb has serial numbers, S/N X5771, dating to 1972, and has wood and Nickel Silver plate in good condition. The barrels, of 64.5mm and 66.5mm are stamped 10S, which was, along with the Selmer 10G, manufactured at the same time as the Series 10. The clarinet has used tan leather pads throughout, and all are in very good condition. The A has matching serial numbers, S/N Z3730, dating to 1976, and again has wood and Nickel Silver plate in good condition. There is an original Series 10 barrel, of 66.5mm and also a Buffet barrel of 64.5mm, which formerly had two holes for a pick up microphone, these are now filled and sealed. The clarinet has used fish skin pads throughout, and all are in good condition.   The case is an original Selmer in good condition. The m'piece is a used Selmer C85 105. If desired the pair can be split as follows: Bb in Amoon single case for £645 with m'piece and 2 10S barrels. A in double case with original Series 10 barrel, and Buffet barrel, for £945.