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This is an ultra rare and extremely desirable Selmer, Paris, Simple System clarinet, with a range to low Eb, specifically designed for the early 20th Century Jazz clarinettist. The tone, tuning and response of these models was far in advance of standard Simple System clarinets of the period, and they are now highly sought after by Jazz players keen to recapture an authentic Barney Bigard sound. The last owner of this clarinet is a professional player from the Netherlands.
The Bb has German Silver keys in very good condition. And for a simple System the key work is advanced: It features a LH fork Eb/Bb, 4 trill keys, an articulated C#/G# key which has an alignment mark on the back of the joints so that the central tenon hole is assembled properly. Also a LH lever for Ab/Eb. The clarinet has used Pisoni white leather pads, but all are sealing well. The wood is in overall excellent condition, for an instrument which is probably around 90 years old. There are only slight surface marks to the wood, with no cracks, damage or repairs. The Bb has matching serial nos. K8863, which probably dates to 1930, this was likely one of the last of the Selmer "Albert" system clarinets made, as it offers a range to low Eb it may well have been a special order instrument. The case is the original in fair condition, it still latches but there is a crack to the upper lid. The mouthpiece is again original, the table is stamped " facing C ".