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This is an early modern logo Selmer professional metal Bb clarinet. In a Selmer Paris brochure dating from the 1920's I read with interest that 3 different types of material were used in the making of their instruments: Grenadilla wood instruments were the cheapest, followed by ebonite clarinets, whereas the most expensive, by some margin, were their metal instruments. The logo is of the modern Selmer type, yet this clarinet has matching 2571 serial numbers. I have long suspected that websites which attempt to date early Selmer serial nos. are, at best, very approximate. All of this point to a late 1920's or early 1930's instrument.
This clarinet has been well used: There are repairs to the base of the tone hole chimney of the first trill key, Eb/Bb, see photo 10. At the bottom of the lower joint the tenon ring also has been bent in the past, so that it no longer sits flush on the bell, see photo 9. The bell tenon, is itself, no longer completely circular, though the fit on the cork is good. There are small dings and scratches to the metal surface of the main body of the clarinet, as well as the bell. Fortunately none of this affects the intonation or response, which are excellent. It appears that the body is made from the same material as the key work, Nickel Silver. The instrument does have the appearance and feel of top quality manufacture. The barrel is sleeved and telescopically adjustable, with 1mm gradations so that the player can judge precisely how far to twist out. The bore is large, at 15.3mm, much larger than the bore of contemporary wooden clarinets made by Selmer. With the supplied original Selmer HS mouthpiece, of old logo, which dates to 1925, the intonation is simply superb. The throat tones are secure and stable, the second register unerringly accurate at A=440 Hz. This clarinet would be ideal for out door or jazz use, the tone is big and flexible. We have just completely overhauled the clarinet in Pisoni fish skin pads, and the instrument is sold with our full 1 year warranty. The case is a Buffet of modern type.