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A unique and rare plateau Selmer C clarinet, owned and customised by Alan Hacker. The customisation extends to shortening the LH sliver key [ Eb/Bb]; shortening the barrel to 50mm, so that the instrument tunes with a large bore m'piece, B&H 1010 bore. [ In fact the supplied m'piece is a 1010 bore G. Howarth  S/N 2083], and adapting a Thibouville bell with a vent to tune the low E & F. Also supplied is an original, new old stock, Selmer C clarinet barrel of 53mm which will tune this instrument well with standard bore French m'pieces [Not pictured yet]. This clarinet has been used extensively by Alan for recital and solo work and has also been recorded on by Tony Coe. The instrument has just had an overhaul in our workshop and is sold with out 1 year warranty. The S/N R8878 dates to 1959. The case is a new hardshell model.