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This is a very interesting early modern logo Selmer professional Bb clarinet. In some ways this is a transitional model. The logo is the modern Selmer type, but a larger design, yet this is a K4252 serial number and a "Brevete SGDG" stamp also. Note the short G# key axle, and also the single rod for the lower joint LH levers. All of this point to a 1930's instrument just prior to the introduction of Selmer's Radio Improved clarinet, the first of the great modern clarinet designs.
This clarinet has been well used: There are 3 cracks to the upper joint, which do go through to the bore, please see photos, 4,5 & 6. All of these cracks have been filled and sealed. The pads are a mixture of Tan leather and fish skin, again they are all sealing well. There is no joint wobble: All touch and tenon corks are also good. There is also a large scratch to the bell interior, see photo 3. The barrel is of the correct bore, 14.9mm, but it is a later Selmer 10G A barrel which has been reamed out to the correct dimensions. The German Silver keywork is in good condition, though there are scratches and marks consistent with an instrument of this age. The case is a modern Bundy which has been relined.