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A Yamaha SE-V CUSTOM clarinet, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. This instrument has been professionally owned by a UK player, and is in very fine condition. It is received wisdom within the music industry that when Yamaha launch a new product, they will have made every conceivable effort to outdo their competitors, at a considerably cheaper price to the customer. So it was in the mid 1990's, when Yamaha began manufacture of the Custom CS-V and SE range. The SE-V, which was Yamaha's most expensive clarinet, features different tapers to the bore, both top and bottom, and the SE has slightly wider tonehole sizes, than the CS, resulting in a warmer, rounder sound and an abundance of overtones. It also features a "scalloped" resonance chamber inside the bell to improve both projection and tuning of the lowest pitches. In other words; this model was Yamaha's direct competitor to the RC Prestige, where as the CS, competed with the R13 Prestige. Indeed the SE-V was such a succesful design for Yamaha that it has now been re-released as the SE-Artist, with an eye watering price of close on 6000.
The instrument has no cracks or damage to the wood, which is Grenadilla. This Bb has matching S/N 03039 We have just entirely re-padded in Pisoni finest double bladder fish skin pads, and the instrument is sold with our full 1 year warranty. The Silver plated key work is in good order throughout with no discernable wear. The supplied m'pieces is a used Vandoren M30. The case is a used Protech. This instrument represents superb value for money: For about the cost of a new student Buffet E13, one can purchase a top of the range professional instrument more consistent than most Buffet Prestige Bbs.