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These are an exceptionally fine pair of "Golden Era" R13s which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The current owner is a professional player, and these instruments are in extremely good condition. Instruments of this period feature a slightly different bore design to contemporary R13s, in addition the wood was of better quality, and the instruments seem to have been finished by hand more carefully. All of this results in clarinets which are noticeably superior to the modern standard R13.
The Bb Clarinet has matching S/N 119222, which dates to 1971. It has wood in very fine condition throughout, but the bell has a tight crack, approximately 5 cms long, see photo 7. The current owner of the pair has been using the instrument professionally with no problems, and has decided to leave well alone. The fish skin pads, whilst not new, are all sealing well. The instruments have been down to our workshop for regulation as necessary, and all touch and tenon corks are good. The Nickel silver plating also shows only slight wear, overall it is in very good condition, around 95%.
The A clarinet has seen less use than the Bb, and the wood has no cracks or repairs. The unstained wood of this clarinet shows a particularly nice dark red-brown hue, which is typical of finest Grenadilla, see photo 11. The Nickel silver plate shows no discernable slight wear, it is in superb condition. The pads are all fish skin in good condition, and like the Bb, the key work regulation has been done as necessary. This A Clarinet, with matching S/N 114664, dates to 1970. ` Back then these was the finest professional instruments Buffet made, with unstained, matched wood. This was before the introduction of the ""Prestige" range, which effectively downgraded the standard R13 considerably. These days R13's are made from inferior quality wood which is stained to hide imperfections. Buffet are currently attempting to recreate this Gold standard of manufacture in their current "Vintage R13" range please go to for more details. These instruments will not disappoint: There are 3 supplied barrels; a special Moennig of 65.0mm for the Bb, a standard Bb Buffet of 68.0mm, and a 65.5mm for the A. The case is a modern Backun pouchette type, in excellent condition, it is a straight copy of an older Buffet model. The m'piece is a used Vandoren B45 in excellent condition.