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This matched pair of Luis Rossi English bore clarinets are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. They have been used professionally in London,with most of the Capitals' major orchestras. The young player who owns these recently bought a new pair of Rossi clarinets and these are to be sold in order for him to order a Rossi clarinet in C.
The Bb has serial no. E431 and has Silver plate in very good condition, the only patch of wear is to the LH E/B lever, see photo 6. The wood is also in excellent condition, though during a Philharmonia Orchestra rehearsal the Bb bell was dropped and split in two. The bell was repaired by Jon Steward, ex-Howarth & Co. Ltd, and the repair has been stable for several years. The instruments have also been regularly serviced by Howarths. All pads are in good condition. Both clarinets feature an English bore based on the pre-war 1010, but with much improved acoustics and intonation. There is a fully automatic Bb booster key, and an additional low G/D vent.
The A, serial no. E430, has wood in overall excellent condition. The Silver plate throughout is in pristine condition. As with the Bb, the instrument has been regularly serviced at Howarths, and all pads are in good condition. There are 5 barrels of 64.0mm, 67.0mm, 67.0mm, 69.0mm and 70.0mm. The m'pieces is a B&H 1010 No.2, which has been relayed by Ramon Wodkowski. The case, whilst used, is in good condition.