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This pair of Luis Rossi English bore clarinets are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. They have been used professionally in The Netherlands, and are in excellent condition.
The Bb has Silver plate in very good condition,there is only one slight patch of wear to the register key. The wood is also in good condition, there is, however, a tight hairline crack to the upper joint which runs from the second highest trill tone hole down towards the throat G# hole. This has been stable throughout over 2 decades of use. The instruments have just been regularly serviced and have finest Pisoni white leather pads throughout. Both clarinets feature an English bore based on the pre-war 1010, but with much improved acoustics and intonation. There is a fully automatic Bb booster key.
The A features a left hand Ab/Eb key which the Bb does not have. The A has an old pinned crack to the upper part of the top joint, it has been stable for many years of professional use. The crack does not go through to the bore or into a tone hole. The Silver plate throughout is in pristine condition. As with the Bb, the instrument has just been serviced. The original thumb rests have been replaced with a traditional design, but both of Rossi's originals are included in the sale. There are 5 barrels of 66.0mm, 67.0mm, 68.0mm, 69.5mm and 71.5mm. The m'pieces are a B&H 1010 No.2, and a Pillinger F2 both of which have been relayed by Meinel. The case, whilst used, is in good condition.