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This is an excellent Luis Rossi French model clarinet which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct: With a polycylindrical bore this clarinet is based on the Buffet R13, though acoustically it is vastly superior. This model is Luis Rossi's best selling clarinet worldwide. It adds a new dimension of tonal warmth and improved intonation to the Buffet instrument from which it is derived. In common with all Rossi clarinets the instrument is in a single piece which allows the correct positioning of the C#/G# hole.
This instrument is in superb condition, with excellent tan leather pads throughout. The wood is in pristine condition, with no cracks or damage, though in the past the thumb rest has been moved higher and the original screw holes filled; see photo 10. The silver plating is in excellent condition throughout, with no wear. The instrument features an additional LH Ab/Eb lever. There are two supplied barrels of 58.0mm & 59.0mm. The instrument was tuned by Luis to play with Vandoren mouthpieces. The original wooden tenon guards are included, and the original case is also in very good condition.