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An extremely fine pair of Buffet RC clarinets in Silver plate, which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The Buffet RC model was launched in 1975, and named after Robert Carree, who had had a long career with Buffet Crampon, which culminated in him being chief designer. The RC places the speaker tube higher, and features a slighter wider initial polycylindrical bore than the R13. Most players find this results in a warmer, more "spread" tone, than the R13. This pair date to 1978, commonly referred to as "The Golden Era" of Buffet manufacture. Certainly when one looks at the pristine quality of the Silver plate, and excellent quality of this pair one is left wondering why the contemporary standards of Buffet manufacture have fallen off so badly. Part of the reason for this could be that at this point in time the RC was the top of the range model made by Buffet, and sold at a 20% price premium over the R13.
The Bb has matching S/N F186195, it has just been completely overhauled by Clarinets Direct and is sold with our full 1 year warranty. There is no damage to the wood, which is crack and repair free. All pieces are matching and original and stamped "Buffet". The plating overall is excellent with no discernible wear. The A has matching S/N 181519, again it has just been completely overhauled by ourselves and the condition is pristine. The 150th Anniversary Buffet double case also dates to the 1970s and is in good used condition. If desired the pair can be split as follows: RC A in double case for 1600. RC Bb in new single case with Buffet m'piece for 1500.