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A near mint condition pair of Buffet RC Prestige clarinets. These instruments are part of a number of clarinets that Joe Pacewicz is selling off as he leaves the RSNO. Joe is fastidious in his choice, and care, of his clarinets. These particular clarinets were hand selected by him new at the Buffet factory. The Presige range features hand selected unstained wood, and a LH Ab/Eb lever.

The Bb, matching serial nos. 636525, has original white leather pads as fitted by Buffet, though not new, they are all sealing well and in good condition. The wood is without mark or blemish: NO damage or cracks whatsoever. The Silver plating is also in excellent order throughout. This type of clarinet was the first Buffet design to feature a voicing groove in the bell to improve the lowest pitches. The intonation and response are outstanding. The A has matching serial nos. 631957, and like the Bb has Buffet white leather pads in excellent used condition. All pieces are matching and original and correctly stamped. The supplied double case is of modern light weight design in good used condition.