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An "as new" Buffet RC clarinet in Bb which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. It's owner bought it on a whim, and subsequently went on to wide bore English clarinets, consequently this clarinet was hardly played. When the American investor Martin Tolchin bought Buffet Crampon he felt that though the R13 sold well in the USA, different models would be more successful in Europe. The S1, Continentale and BC20, which became the RC, were all attempts to make darker, more focused sounding clarinets.
This Bb has S/N 625358, it is new in every respect, and supplied exactly as it left the dealer: With manufacurers' guarantee card [unused], still wrapped mouthpiece and keys, all the accessories are included, even the Buffet pencil. The original Buffet packing box is also supplied.