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An extremely fine pair of Buffet R13 clarinets in Nickel Silver plate, which are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. These one owner instruments have been extremely well cared for and maintained. The owner bought the pair new in 1970 from Bill Lewington's, in London, for use in the National Youth Orchestra. Upon leaving the NYO his career to a different turn, and he put them away unused. Now, in retirement, he has taken up the clarinet again and just purchased a new pair of Buffet RC Prestige clarinets. Consequently this " Golden Era" pair is in exceptional condition for their age. At this period the R13 was the finest instrument Buffet manufactured. The response and intonation are so fine, that in order to match them it is necessary to invest in modern Buffet Prestige examples.
The Bb has matching serial nos. 114081. All pieces are matching and original and stamped "Buffet". The Nickel Silver plating overall is in excellent condition, with no wear. Shortly after purchase the top joint of the Bb developed a small surface crack, which was filled, pinned and sealed at Howarths, photo 5 is of the end of the pin. The crack is completely invisible to the eye and camera, and it has been stable for near on 5 decades. The pads are all tan leather, in excellent condition, apart from the speaker key which is in cork. The A has matching S/N F110758 and is also in excellent condition, with only wear to the logo stamps to distinguish it from a new instrument. It has no cracks or damage, and the plating is pristine. Like the Bb it has tan leather pads in excellent condition. The supplied Buffet Prestige black leather case is brand new, and it was this case which came with the new Prestige instruments the seller has just bought. The m'piece is a used Vandoren 5RV. If desired the pair can be split as follows: A in new Prestige double case for £1645. Bb in new Prestige single case with m'piece for £1175.