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This excellent pair of Buffet R13 Prestige clarinets are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. They were formerly owned by a student at Chetham's School of Music, and were bought new in the mid 2000's. His career has subsequently moved into electronic music production. The pair had only extremely light use, and are in pristine condition. After the 1981 take over by Boosey and Hawkes, the Prestige range represented an attempt by Buffet to recapture former high manufacturing and quality control standards. To that end the Prestige clarinet went back to the earlier specification: Unstained, hand selected Grenadilla wood was used, and more time was spent on hand finishing the instrument. In addition an additional Eb/Ab lever for the LH was fitted.
The Bb, has matching serial nos. 558970. The silver plate throughout is in superb condition, with no wear. The clarinet has no cracks or repairs, the wood throughout is in excellent condition. The instrument is padded mostly in fish skin pads, in good condition. This clarinet has had a thorough "check down" in our workshop prior to sale, and any pads which showed any sign of leaking were replaced. The key regulation is very good. The original barrel is of 66.0mm. The A is in pristine condition, it has matching serial nos. 549396. The white leather pads throughout are in excellent condition. The silver plate is "as new". The wood is also without mark or blemish, the insrument has had hardly any use. The barrel is of 65mm. All pieces are matching and original. The case is a BAM in good condition, there are some exterior scuffs, but the case fastens well. The mouthpiece is an upgrade to a professional Vandoren 5RV Lyre. If desired the pair can be split as follows: A in double case for £2345. Bb in Buffet Prestige single case, with Vandoren m'piece, for £2245.