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This excellent Buffet R13 Prestige A clarinet is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. It is a one owner instrument, and has been used, until recently, whilst studying at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. After the 1981 take over by Boosey and Hawkes, the Prestige range represented an attempt by Buffet to recapture former high manufacturing and quality control standards. To that end the Prestige clarinet went back to the earlier specification: Unstained, hand selected Grenadilla wood was used, and more time was spent on hand finishing the instrument. In addition an additional Eb/Ab lever for the LH was fitted. .
This A, serial no. 593506, was bought new in 2010, it is in near mint condition: The only reason that I do not describe it as mint, are some slight wear to the logo stamps. The instrument itself is in mint condition. The Silver plate throughout is in superb condition. The instrument is padded throughout in Pisoni Premium Deluxe tan leather pads, in "as new" condition. The key regulation is very good. The original barrel is of 65.0mm. All stamps are bright and original and match on all parts. The case is a BAM, with scuffs to the exterior, one of the 2 zips has failed, but the other still closes the case securely, the interior of the case is in very good condition.