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A vintage Buffet R13, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. At this period of manufacture Buffet stored their wood at their factory [in the roof spaces], and it was carefully nutured and aged for at least 7 years before manufacture. Many experts attribute the gradual drop in quality of the R13 to progressively less control and care in wood maturation. Initially in the 1960s, for tax and cost saving reasons, Buffet appointed a reputable supplier to source their wood. Now they source their wood cheaply with "modern" techniques of artificial maturation, and, as a consequence, many of the models of their range suffer from cracking and wood movement.
The Nickel Silver plated key work is in good order throughout, with only a few scratches and slight wear natural to the age of the clarinet. The wood is in good condition with no cracks or damage, only slight surface marks. The instrument has just had a complete re-pad in Pisoni deluxe fish skin pads by newly qualified repairman Dave Kershook [who has just joined NAMIR], it is sold with our full 1 year warranty. The serial nos. are 106517 which dates to 1969, though, as there are no observable serial nos., on the top joint it may well be a Buffet replacement. This is one of the finest periods of R13 manufacture, and this clarinet demonstrates the classic qualities of an R13; a lovely sweet sound and excellent intonation. Back then this was the finest professional instrument Buffet made, with unstained, matched wood. This was before the introduction of the ""Prestige" range, which effectively downgraded the standard R13 considerably. Buffet are currently attempting to recreate this Gold standard of manufacture in their current "Vintage R13" range please go to for more details. The supplied mouthpiece is a new stock Buffet. The case is of modern Buffet type with slight staining to the interior, otherwise it is in excellent condition.