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A Buffet R13, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The former owner is Julian Farrell, who was for many years a leading London Professional: A member of the English Chamber Orchestra, and Prof. of clarinet at the Guildhall School of Music .
The Silver plate key work is in good order throughout, with wear on the ring fingers commensurate with the use and age of the clarinet. The upper joint has a repaired surface crack through the top trill key hole, but it does not go through to the bore, see photo 6. This crack has been stable for many decades as this Bb was Julian's main instrument. The barrel also has repaired sealed cracks. The instrument has used fish skin pads throughout, all of which are sealing well. The clarinet has been down to our workshop for regualtion and to check for seal. The matching serial nos. are 261635 which dates to 1985. The supplied mouthpiece is a new stock Buffet. The case is of aluminium and in good condition.