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This is an excellent condition "Golden Era" R13, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. The matching serial nos. of 114664 date this clarinet to 1970. This was prior to the introduction of the Buffet RC, and at this period, before the Prestige range was introduced, the R13 was the finest professional models Buffet Crampon made. B&H had not yet bought Buffet and forced over production: the factory was free to make quality instruments with hand selected, unstained wood. There is no damage to the wood, which is crack and repair free.  The  Nickel Silver plate key work is in fine condition throughout, with very little wear, only to the LH ring touchpieces. This instrument has double bladder fish skin pads which are in good condition overall, though some will need replacing in the next few months. There are two supplied barrels, the original which is 65mm long and a Moennig of 66mm.   Please go to for more details The case is of modern pouchette type in excellent condition.