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A Buffet R13 Bb clarinet, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. This instrument is in very good condition. This clarinet has fish skin pads throughout in good used condition, they will be good for several months to come, and, at that point, only some will need replacing. The Bb has matching serial nos. 363545, which dates to 1992. All pieces are matching and original, and stamped "Buffet". The Silver plating shows no wear, it is in excellent condition throughout. There are no cracks or repairs to the main body pieces of the clarinet, which are in fine condition. The clarinet has been down to our workshop for a thorugh "check down" prior to sale. All touch corks have been replaced as necessary, and the instrument has been regulated. The m'piece is the original stock Buffet as supplied with the clarinet. The original Buffet case is also in good condition, though the handle has been replaced.