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A very fine condition vintage Buffet R13. There is no damage to the wood, which is crack and repair free, with only minor surface marks and scratches.  The German Silver  key work is excellent throughout. We have just entirely re-padded in double bladder fishskin. The clarinet is sold with our full year's Clarinets Direct warranty. The matching serial nos. are 59253 which dates to 1959. Back then this was the finest professional instrument Buffet made, with unstained, matched wood. This was before the introduction of the ""Prestige" range, which effectively downgraded the standard R13 considerably. These days R13's are made from inferior quality wood which is stained to hide imperfections. Buffet are currently attempting to recreate this Gold  standard  of manufacture in their current "Vintage R13" range please go to for more details The  Buffet case is later but in functional condition and the mouthpiece is a Vandoren 11.6, again in fine shape. This instrument plays with a superb, sweet sound, and very fine intonation.