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A very good example of a "Golden Era" Buffet R13. The instrument has been professionally owned and played by one of the UK's top session and West End players. The Nickel Silver keywork is excellent  with only a very slight plating loss to the low F#/C# key. The clarinet has just been fully overhauled in Pisoni Premium Deluxe Tan Leather by John Coppen.  The matching serial nos. are 168598 which dates to 1976, at this time Buffet stamped R13's for the British market with a "UK", to reinforce the fact that they were designed to play at A=440. Back then this, along with the RC, was the finest professional instrument Buffet made; with unstained, matched wood. This was before the introduction of the ""Prestige" range, which effectively downgraded the standard R13 considerably. These days R13's are made from inferior quality wood which is stained to hide imperfections. The wood overall is in good condition, but John Coppen has filled 2 surface cracks which run from the top of the upper joint into the first trill key hole, this hole has also been relined [see photo4]. The repair is of excellent quality, and the cracks do not run through into the bore, they are on the surface only: Therefore the sound and intonation are completely unaffected. This is a superb playing R13, with excellent scale and evenness, and the reason for its sale, and the Rhodium plated R13 Prestige recently sold by Clarinets Direct is that their current owner is funding a Flute purchase. The m'piece is a Selmer C85 120 in good condition, as is the Orly case.