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An extremely rare and fine pair of Boosey & Hawkes 1010's which, though of pre-war pattern, were actually made during WW2. This pair have recently been owned and played professionally here in major London Orchestra's: The BBCSO and LPO. Formerly they were owned by Charles Healey.
The Bb has silver plated key work in good condition, with only slight patches of wear, mainly to the throat "A" key and register key. The instrument, though much used, has wood in overall excellent condition. The matching serial nos. on all main pieces, apart from the barrel, are 35108, which dates to 1944. This was a year in which only a handful of such clarinets were produced, and it is apparent from the key work design that this instrument used parts which were prevalent in manufacture a decade earlier. For instance, there is only a single pillar mount for LH E/B F/C levers and there is no Bb bis key. In addition the older style "crowsfoot" is used for RH F#/C# E/B. The barrel is not original, it is a later example, and has a repaired crack, however it has been reamed by Jon Steward to accurately tune a pre-war Bb. All pads are used tan leather in good condition. There is no joint wobble or play in the mechanism, the instrument will play straight out of the box. The A, serial nos. 34468, which dates to 1943, has a repaired, pinned crack to the upper part of the top joint but the crack does not run through to the bore. This one pinned repair is very old and stable. I understand that the original purchaser of this A clarinet, was Albert Cooper, famous for "Cooper" flutes. All pieces are matching and serial numbered, apart from the barrel. Though stamped with an earlier serial number than the Bb, this A is actually of later design: It has a double pillar mounting for the LH levers, a "bis key" and the later design of arm for the F/C pad rather than the "crows foot". The silver plate key work throughout is very good. All pads are Beeson tan leather in very good used condition. The m'piece is another pre-war example S/N 31214, which has been re-layed by Peter Eaton. The case is the original which has been much used, but is still functional. If desired, a good condition Selmer double case can be supplied for an additional 75.00