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An excellent matched pair of Leblanc Opus Paris clarinets in Silver plate. These instruments were the finest in the modern Leblanc range and were manufactured until the sale of the Leblanc Paris factory to Buffet. They are of polycylindrical bore design at 14.61mm and were designed to be better in tune and more stable than their direct competitor; the Buffet Prestige R13. Leblanc engineering has always been of a high standard and these clarinets feature integral raised and tapered tone holes; Inverted taper bore barrels of the Moennig pattern; 18 keys, i.e. LH Ab/Eb, and unstained hand selected Grenadilla wood. They also feature reflector pads at the bottom of the lower joint. All in all a thoroughly modern design with many novel features. Quite rightly the Opus quickly gained a large following amongst top professional players.

There is no damage to the wood, which is crack and repair free. The plating overall is good but there has been some loss to the plating mainly on the Bb, S/N 79088 which has seen more use: The A, C#/G#, & register keys are all slightly affected. The worst key is the F/C on the lower joint, see photo 10. It appears to be a problem in the plating process as most of the loss is not due to fingering contact. Both instruments have had a full check up in our workshop prior to sale; with pads replaced as necessary. The majority have been replaced on the  Bb, less on the A. The, A S/N 72700, has no plating loss. All pieces are original and stamped Leblanc, with 4 interchangeable  barrels [ the bores of the Bb and A are identical] of 64.4mm [ shortened from a 66mm], 64.9mm, 65.9mm and 67.0mm. The mouthpieces are Vandoren B45 & M15 both  in good condition. The case is a modern example, it is used, but in good condition. These instruments are a one owner pair; the former property of a professional, they have been exceptionally well cared for.