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This is an ultra rare Selmer Paris, Centered Tone clarinet, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct. Selmer have, in the past, made instruments with extremely short production runs: The Centered Tone Omega Bb was such an instrument, with a limited edition of around 100 made. The instrument was personally endorsed and played by Benny Goodman, and it is considered the finest, and most expensive, production line jazz clarinet ever made.
This Omega Bb clarinet features a dedicated and fully automatic mechanism for both throat Bb and the 2nd register, in other words a dual function register key. This is not a "Stubbins" booster mechanism, as so often mistakenly described on the web, but instead each hole has a specific function: an excellent throat Bb, and a dedicated 2nd register vent. The Bb has serial nos. are P8547, which dates to 1954. The instrument features Silver plating in excellent condition and unique scrolled engraved art work into the bell and lower joint. The wood upper joint has cracked and has been pinned in the past, the repair is old and stable, see photo 11. In addition there are 4 sealed repaired, cracks to the bell, see photo 8. The current owner, a professional saxophonist and clarinettist has used the instrument regularly, with no problems, for several years. The white leather pads, whilst not new, are all in good condition & sealing well. As is the case with all Centered Tones the upper joint bore is a reverse taper. The supplied barrel is original, and stamped, "standard". The case is a brand new modern Protech, with over the shoulder carry strap.