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A rare, good condition Noblet, Paris France, Plateau B flat clarinet. This is an intermediate model Noblet, with a covered hole mechanism, i.e. plateau. All the main pieces of the instrument are made from Grenadilla wood, with the exception of the barrel which is in ebonite.
All the key work, which is plated in Nickel Silver, is in excellent condition, with no wear to the touchpieces. The wood throughout is in good condition, but there is a tight surface crack to the upper joint, which runs from underneath the logo stamp up to the top tenon, see photos 5 & 6. It is a surface crack only, it does not enter the bore, or run into a tone hole, nevertheless, we have filled and sealed it in our workshop. The clarinet has just been overhauled in Premium fish skin pads & the instrument is sold with our full 1 year warranty. The serial nos. are A15533. The case is in a brand new "Amoon" with shoulder carry strap. [ NB Not pictured.] The mouthpiece is a BARI BOF 0 in good condition. This clarinet continued to be made by Leblanc right up until they ceased manufacture in 2009. It was described by them as "specifically designed for the younger player, doubler or even the arthritic player who may have difficulty covering the standard open-tone-hole".