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A very rare boxwood and ivory C Clarinet by Nicholson with 8 brass keys.. This example has been professionally owned and played at A=440hz. The tone holes have been filled on the two main joints in order to tune to modern pitch. There are 5 pieces and the original African blackwood m'piece, which though suffering some tip rail damage and teeth indentation to the beak,  is still playable with a modern cut down Eb reed. The wood is in excellent condition for its age: There are 4 repaired, sealed cracks to the upper joint, see photos 5, 6 & 7, and also several repairs to the bell base, including 3 glued cracks to the ivory ring. The instrument has felt squares which act as pads, these all seal well. The tenons are bound with string which is also how the reed is fixed to the m'piece. The stamps on the upper joint and bell read " C Nicholson, London". The total assembled length is 589mm. I will supply a case.