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This is the top of the range "Monopole" Conservatoire model Bb clarinet made by Couesnon. At one time they were the largest French manufacturer of band instruments, and trumpet and clarinet manufacture continued until the 1960's. Auguste Perier, the great French clarinettist, endorsed the "Monopole" clarinet, which was considered one of the best instruments in the period after the 1st World War. This example dates from the early 1960's and is in very good condition. The matching serial nos., on all pieces , are 30570. The Maillechort key work is in good order throughout. The double bladder pads though older, are all sealing well, and all corks are also good. The Grenadilla wood is very fine, with only one tiny hairline crack to the upper part of the lower joint, see photo 9. The bore is 14.7mm, remarkably close to a Buffet R13 of the period, however the tuning, with the original m'piece, is superior to the Buffet. There are 2 supplied barrels of 63.7mm & 65.9mm.