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Clarinets Direct is pleased to be able to offer another extremely rare pair of clarinets for sale. These instruments have a fine provenance: They were originally owned by Edward [Ted] Planas, who was a renowned clarinettist, designer, and acoustician, as well as a Selmer agent for many years here in the UK. After Ted's death they were bought by a collector who is now selling off part of his collection.

These instruments demonstrate the most complete and full Mazzeo system that we have ever encountered. For those unfamiliar with the Mazzeo system the mechanism facilitates the production of a good throat Bb by using additional key work to open the third trill key in conjunction with throat A. Thus an excellent throat Bb can be produced by touching any of the rings from LH 2 down, with the throat A key. This system can be disconnected at will by sliding down a cylinder placed on top of the third trill key. In addition to all the usual Full Boehm refinements this pair offer the following: 1. There is a low E/F#, B/C# articulated trill mechanism. 2. An extra LH low Eb/Bb lever. 3. An additional linkage to the first sliver key on the lower joint, and the low Ab/Eb key, which allows for trilling E to Eb/B to Bb. 4. Finally a unique cogged wheel attachment to the throat A key [only on the A clarinet] which is, we imagine, to facilitate a throat Ab/Bb trill i.e. as called for in the 1st Mvt of the Mozart Quintet. This can be extended or disconnected at will by turning the cogged wheel.
The Bb has matching serial nos. throughout of Q7509. This is unique with Selmer in our experience, in that the serial nos. are stamped on all the pieces of the clarinet. All wood is in pristine condition, as is German Silver key work. The instrument was last serviced on 26th June 2014, all pads and corks are in very good condition.
The A has again matching serial nos. on all pieces, Q7627, excepting the barrel, this dates the pair to 1957. Like the Bb the wood is pristine throughout, as is the key work. All fish skin pads, whilst not new, will be good for many months to come. The original case is also in very good condition. This pair is probably one of the finest and most advanced Mazzeo pairs in existence, both instruments play with a warm tone and excellent intonation. .