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An extremely fine, and rare, A Lefevres, Paris, covered hole clarinet. Albert Lefevres was apparently active in La Couture near Paris from the 1930s, and given the "Mother of Pearl" touchpieces and design of keywork this would seem to be an instrument from this period.
There is no damage to the main pieces, which are all original, crack and repair free. The condition of the wood is very good,with only minor marks and scuffs associated with normal use. The original German Silver key work is in lovely condition, without any wear, again only light scratches. The fish skin pads, whilst not new, are all in very good condition, and will be serviceable for many months to come. The Buffet case is in good condition, as is the supplied mouthpiece, which is a used Selmer C85 115. The instrument tunes extremely well at A=440 Hz, and is excellent value for a "plateau" wooden clarinet. It does not exhibit any of the "stuffiness" sometimes found in cheaper covered hole clarinet designs. It would suit a sax/flute doubler or a player suffering from arthritis.