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This is a Leblanc, Paris, BBb Curved Contrabass clarinet, in metal, with a matt black finish, range to low C. On the original invoice, which is supplied, it is described as a Leblanc Paris BBb, which it is. This model is commonly known as the "paperclip". However the stamp on the instrument itself is "Leblanc Kenosha Wisconsin". Yet this instrument is identical to the original Paris "Paperclip" BBb contra. When the instrument was being "checked down" in our Clarinets Direct workshop we happened to have simultaneously an original Leblanc metal "Paperclip" to low C, and the two instruments were made to exactly the same pattern, apart from the finish. The instrument is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct, and it has had one careful and fastidious London collector from new, who specialises in buying Contra-Bass instruments, more from his collection will be advertised shortly. It was bought from Canada in 2009 at a cost of $12800 [approx. 7360], which, after UK import duties, shipping and VAT would rise to 9126. The original invoice and warranty card are included.
The instrument is in mint condition, as new. The pads which are tan leather are all pristine. The plating is unmarked and without wear. The serial nos. are 4065. There is not a mark or scuff on the body, which is in a striking and impressive black finish. Having been completely "checked down" in our workshop this Contra will play perfectly out of the box. All corks and regulation are all in good working order. The case is also in excellent condition. There are two mouthpieces: One is the original Woodwind Leblanc, and, in addition, Clarinets Direct is supplying a superior Leblanc Paris used example in ebonite. There is a ligature supplied, but no mouthpiece cap.