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This is a professional, superior quality, A Clarinet, made by Leblanc, in very good condition, and it has just been completely overhauled by Clarinets Direct: Finest Pisoni fish skin pads have been fitted throughout, the key work polished, and all tenon and touch corks replaced, as necessary. The instrument is sold with our full 1 year warranty. This clarinet was a top of the range model, with 7 rings, rather than the more common 6, and compensating low G/D vent: This gives a scale of enhanced quality and evenness. It will pair nicely with any other mainstream manufacturers' French bore Bb, i.e. Buffet, Selmer, Leblanc and Yamaha.
In addition to the original G Leblanc Paris stamp, which is present on all pieces, the instrument is also stamped by the original supplying dealer, "Kaspar Wicky Geneve". This A, serial no. 3547, has no cracks or repairs to the wood, which is in fine order. The Silver plate throughout is in very good condition with no discernable wear. Leblanc serial number lists are unreliable, but because of the fact the instrument is plated, and the design of keywork, I would estimate the clarinet was made in the 1960's. The supplied case is in good condition; the interior lining holds the instrument well, and the latches close the case securely.