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This is a late 1930's pre-war 1010 Bb in good condition, which is a commission sale for Clarinets Direct, the last owner being a Jazz professional. The serial number is 35538. The clarinet was recently overhauled in fish skin pads and they will be good for several years to come. The key work overall is excellent, with little wear. The wood overall is also in good condition. What appears to be a crack to the right of the upper joint stamp, is in fact just pronounced wood grain. There is however a tight hairline surface crack to the top of the lower joint, which does not go through to the bore. See photo 12. In addition the barrel is not original, it is a Leblanc Normandy re-bored to the correct dimensions. The bell is also a later Boosey and Hawkes Imperial Symphony 1010 example. There are 2 supplied m'pieces, one is an original B & H BM 2 1010, the other a Morgan J7 re-bored to 1010 dimensions. The tuning and overall response of this clarinet are excellent. The case is a modern hard shell example in fair condition.