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This is a Lafleur Eb clarinet, in nice condition. This instrument was most probably made after Lafleurs' amalgamation into the Boosey and Hawkes group. After their take over the Lafleur stamp seems to have been put on only student models made by Boosey & Hawkes: Interestingly the stamp itself is of basic design.
The main body of the instrument is in Grenadilla wood, with the bell made of Bakelite, this had been usual practise with some earlier Lafleur, and Boosey & Hawkes, London & Paris models, which often featured ebonite barrels and bells. The wood condition overall is very fine, but there is an area around the speaker key tube, where the wood shows two surface grooves, see photo 11. It is likely that this was a surface flaw to the body of clarinet as manufactured, this suggests strongly that the instrument was made as an intermediate model. There are no cracks or repairs to the wood, but thumb rest has been moved downwards at some point in the past, and the screw holes filled in, see photo 10. The Nickel silver plate is in superb condition, with no discernable wear. This Eb has just had a complete overhaul in double bladder fish skin pads and is sold with our 1 year warranty. The m'piece is in ebonite, and playes nicely with 2.5-3.5 strength reeds. The intonation is stable at A=440 Hz, and this instrument represents excellent value for money. The case is in fair condition, it latches well, but there is some wear to the original lining.