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Leon Leblanc, along with Charles Houvenaghel, the great Belgian acoustician, took the use of scientific principles in clarinet manufacturing even further: Leblanc were the first major maker to set up an acoustic laboratory. Leon was a gifted clarinettist, who though he took the top performing prize at the Paris Conservatoire as a young man, chose to stay with the family business, and apply himself to instrument manufacture. He was determined to bringing acoustical, mechanical, and musical improvements to woodwind instruments. Although Leblanc's instruments were almost entirely handmade, Leon Leblanc insisted that the craftsmen follow careful measurements. "Music is an art, but it is still governed by the laws of science," he declared (Music Trades, July 1996). As a result, Leblanc instruments were more consistent than those that had come before. The company continued to strive for consistent quality, ease of playability, and mechanical innovation, throughout its history. The LL model, named for Leon, was, some feel, the pinnacle of this achievement.
This Leblanc LL Bb clarinet is in very good condition. The intonation and response is the equal of the most expensive French instruments sold today. The clarinet has matching serial nos. 20525, which probably dates to the late 1960's. The Silver plate is in very good condition, with only slight wear to the low F#/C# & Ab/Eb keys, the plating is about 98%, see photo 7. The wood is in overall fine condition, with no cracks or repairs, though there are some minor surface scratches to the wood, all normal signs of use. We have just entirely overhauled the instrument in finest Pisoni double bladder fishskin pads, and the clarinet is sold with our full 1 year warranty. All pieces are matching and original with Leblanc stamps. The case is the original Leblanc, in good condition, though there is a slight tear to the fabric on the case handle. The mouthpiece is an ebonite Leblanc 2L.