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This matched pair of Boosey & Hawkes London & Paris clarinets are in good condition. The London & Paris 1010 model, as the name suggests, was made for B&H in France. Somewhat unusually these models feature two different serial numbers, the French factory, and the B&H serial numbers.
The Bb has matching serial nos. 2159/ 1377 and has Chrome plate in good condition, with only slight wear to the rings, and also the RH "pinkie" keys. The wood is in overall excellent condition, with no cracks or repairs. It is extremely rare, at this distance in time, to find pairs with all matching original pieces. This Bb has a more modern 1010 barrel and m'piece, but the other main pieces are all original and serial numbered. The bell is made of ebonite, and indeed most of the L&P pairs seem to have been supplied with ebonite barrels and bells. The pads are a mixture of new and old Tan Leather. The current owner has taken good care of this pair, and they have been regularly maintained. The touch corks and key work are in good regulation.
The A, serial nos. 2266/1437, has wood with no cracks or repairs. The upper tenon of the lower joint has been sleeved in metal, see photo 11, and also the C/G tone hole has been bushed in ebonite, both presumably due to natural wear. The Chrome plate throughout is in good shape. All pieces are original, excepting the bell, which is of immediate post war manufacture. The ebonite barrel, however, does have a very indistinct serial number. The pads are tan leather, the majority are old, but all sealing well. The m'piece is a modern B&H No.2 in very good condition, as is the case, which is a Protech.