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An exceptionally rare and fine pair of Kohlert Boehm System Clarinets. The firm of Kohlert was established in Graslitz in 1840, and during the interwar years was flourishing as one of the largest makers of fine woodwinds in Bohemia, becoming famous for the quality of their bassoons and contra-bassoons. After the end of the 2nd World War the firm Kohlert split into two, a small subsiduary which manufactured in Winnenden, whilst the main body of the firm relocated behind the Iron Curtain, manufacturing in Czechoslavakia. These superior quality instruments were made by the "German" Kohlert and the bells are stamped "Winnenden". The instruments have been professionally owned in the UK by a player, who initially had ambitions to join a German orchestra, though subsequently her career took a different path.
These clarinets feature a German type bore with little flare at the bottom of the lower joint. The result is the dark homogenous sound associated with classic German style of clarinet playing. The Bb has serial number 101735. All pads are used White Leather in good used condition. The silver plate is in excellent condition throughout, though the pairs' owner had the RH F/C key lengthened to aid her small fingers. All key work and corks are in exemplary condition. There are no cracks or damage to the wood, which is in pristine order throughout. The A has serial nos. 101937, again the condition of this instrument is near mint. Only the fact that the white leather pads are not new, means that the clarint cannot be described as mint condition. In addition to the original barrel, a modified Evette & Schaeffer barrel is supplied with tuning ring, which actually tunes this A clarinet more successfully than the original. Both instruments plays very well in tune at A=440, with the supplied Zinner m'piece, which measures 1.03mm at the tip by 17mm. The original case is also in excellent condition.