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An exceptionally rare Kohlert Simple System Clarinet with key mechansim for throat G# and A key as normally found on the Boehm system. After the end of the 2nd World War, the Czech firm Kohlert split into two, a small subsiduary which manufactured in the West Germany, whilst the main body of the firm remained behind the Iron Curtain, and eventually manufactured student quality instruments; some of which were badged "Corton" and sold by Boosey and Hawkes. This superior quality instrument was probably made by the "German" Kohlert and the bell is stamped with the name of the German music shop which presumably ordered the clarinet, " Musik Rollin Zug".
The clarinet has been the subject of a complete restoration by one of the UK's leading clarinet specialist designers and repairers. All pads are new finest Pisoni White Leather. The barrel, which is a Noblet, has been reamed to match the bore which is 15.2mm. All key work and corks are in exemplary condition, the instrument is in Pristine condition, and plays very well in tune at A=440. There are no cracks or damage to the wood, which is in excellent order throuighout, though the bell is in ebonite. The serial nos. are 1677. The clarinet features a moderately large bottom flare and would suit a jazz player, or clarinettist looking for a quality Simple System clarinet. The supplied m'piece is a Boosey and Hawkes 8-10.