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Clarinets Direct is fortunate to count the UK's foremost players amongst our clientele. One such is Tony Coe, the current owner of this rare unique and fine Hammerschmidt, Cocobolo wood, Schmidt Reform Boehm system clarinet. This instrument was a custom order from Hammerschmidt, and to order one today would cost in the region of 4000 Euros.
The instrument features the usual Schmidt Reform Boehm improvements: Separate dedicated speaker key and throat Bb, vent for RH B natural & F sharp, Low A/E vent, low G/D vent, low E vent, actuated by the rear touchpiece, and a full time hole in the bell to raise bell E/B. This last was a later custom addition by Jon Steward, master clarinet designer for T W Howarth & Co. Fitting an adjustable thumb rest was another after market improvement. There are no cracks or damage to the Cocobolo wood, which is excellent throughout, with only light surface marks. The leather pads, whilst not new, are all in good condition, the instrument has been down to our workshop for a partial re-pad and full regulation. The intonation and scale are a massive improvement on the C clarinets of standard Boehm type. The clarinet plays well with a Vandoren M13 range m'piece, or a m'piece of similar American bore. the sound manages to achieve that rare combination of smooth Viennese depth, and yet, possibly because of the Cocobolo wood body, project well. NB The pictured case will be replaced by a new light weight modern example.