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A quite unique, and rare, set of early Simple System clarinets by E Albert of Brussels. Eugene Albert was the first member of the legendary Albert family, and their name became synonymous with the Simple system clarinet in large parts of the English speaking world, as the pre-eminent maker. The clarinets are high pitch, A=452 Hz, as, I believe, all instrumnets by E Albert were, and are in Cocus wood.
The instruments are complete, even with original mouthpieces and m'piece caps, and are in exceptional condition, with no cracks or damage. We have just fully restored the clarinets and they have been fully overhauled with tan leather pads throughout. The keys are solid Silver, and likely these instruments were made as a luxury item for a wealthy player. Jullien was established in London from c 1840, as a music publisher and dealer, and all 3 clarinets are stamped " Jullien Co. 214 Regent Street London". In addition each clarinet is stamped " E Albert A Bruxelles". E Alberts' Brussels workshop was established in 1842, so it is likely that this set date from 1840-1850. They are pitched in the keys of C, Bb, and A and each has its own dedicated original m'piece. The instruments are perfectly payable, indeed, 2 of them, the Bb and C, have been used recently in the filming of Mike Leigh's new film, Peterloo. The leather case has a label " R J Ward & sons, Liverpool" and is probably not original to the set. It is much worn and one leather strap has broken.