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A pair of superb Boehm system clarinets made by the last maker of the legendary Albert family. These instruments are a commission sale for Clarinets Direct having come to us from a Belgian professional. The Bb has German Silver keywork throughout in very good condition. The wood shows no cracks or repairs, but there is a small chip to the outer tenon of the lower joint, see photo 4. This has absolutely no effect on the response and is hidden when the instrument is assembled. The instrument has been down to our workshop for a service, all white leather pads are either new, or in excellent condition, and corks are good. Though an Albert barrel is supplied, in fact, the instrument tunes much better with the other longer barrel. An excellent condition Pillinger 926 m'piece is also included.
The A, like the Bb, has white leather pads throughout in very good condition. The wood has no cracks or repairs. The makers stamp is clearly visible, as is the stamp of the supplying dealer, " W Hamie Amsterdam". The LH F/C touchpiece has been enlarged, and, like the Bb, another barrel is supplied to aid the tuning. These instruments were made in the late 1920's, or very early 1930's, as Albert had moved to London by 1933 and the clarinets are stamped "Made in Belgium". The Buffet double case is in fair condition with some wear to the interior lining.